Sitemap - 2021 - Split Zone Duo

CFB startups, Carolina G5s, and A&M's next step

Build your Playoff narrative

Office Hours feat. Matt Brown: Who gets buzz?

The big Playoff scheme preview

What's up with Matt Campbell? And Jamey Chadwell? And Tulsa?

A year-end thanks for what you've built

Bowling for cord-cutters and CFB's future

Office Hours! Bowls/coaches/recruits grab bag

A 45-minute journey through Oregon State football

JSU's coup, Oregon, Clemson, and BOWLS

Let's make media sausage: The Dan Lanning files

Office Hours! Army/Navy, Lanning, Auburn, Cecil Hurt, and more

What's The Idea behind each new coach hire?

Coach notebook: Cristobal context and the MWC

A coach carousel notebook after Champs Weekend

Setting the table for the 2021 Playoff

The Championship Weekend pre-Playoff hurry-up

The big coaching carousel mess of 2021

The Brian Kelly/LSU/Notre Dame show (plus ACC notes)

Emergency podcast: Lincoln to USC + other notes

Week 13: We picked our hill, and Oklahoma State killed us on it

Silly Season SitRep: Black Friday Edition

The undercurrents of Florida's coach search

The recent rise and fall of Southern Miss

Office Hours! Godfrey answers carousel questions

Florida fires Dan Mullen (plus more)

Week 12: A great week for UT (SA/ah)

LSU, UW, VT, and 2021's spinning carousel

Enter Night: Virginia Tech opens, Billy Napier dazzles

Washington, LSU, and Jim Mora (of course)

Office Hours! Jim Mora makes more sense than FIU

Week 11: O no, OU

A Northwestern special

The Texas high school football coach is a proud breed

Why the Sun Belt beat C-USA (and the AAC): It's the football, stupid

Office Hours! Texas Tech hires non-buyout Jeff Traylor

Week 10: Oops I Purdid it again

Fun with coach gossip role play

Cincinnati, Gary Patterson, and the Texas coaching carousel

Georgia Southern ditches the triple option

Office Hours! TCU and Gary Patterson after a breakup

Week 9: Sparty party

3 questions: Napier/LSU, Dave Clawson, and STATS

What makes 7 good teams good

3 honest-to-goodness nice things about Kansas football

Texas Tech fires Matt Wells while we record office hours

Week 8: Alex is sorry, Pat Narduzzi

College football and the NLRB

Orgeron saga, Mullen, and the new AAC

Nick Rolovich out: 20 minutes with Brian Floyd

Office Hours! Silly season is very much here

Orgeron out: What (and who?) is next for LSU

Week 7: Bye-owa

Iowa, Kentucky, and proof of concept

Loving Iowa for Iowa, and teaching UK to football (fan)

Office Hours! Nepotism, CFB 'RedZone,' Fuente, LSU

Week 6: The Thrilla in Red Riva

3 questions: The media and military football industrial complexes

Urbanism and college football

How to join a bandwagon

Office Hours: Coaches are analytics frauds (plus realignment!)

Week 5: Eat the whole Skyline Chili bowl

Who's your ACC bae?

Why did college football give up on Thursday?

Office Hours: A whole-hog Monday Q&A

Week 4: We told you to short Clemson and Oklahoma

3 questions: What a coach's job interview really looks like

How to short Oklahoma and Ohio State (and Clemson too!)

Happy SZDversary (feat. some Texas and FSU)

Office Hours: Florida State is a confluence of events

Week 3: Penn State's back, Florida's solid, and Fresno rules

3 questions: Jeff Traylor, a CFB roadie, and media blackballing

What 2 weeks say about 8 teams


Office Hours: OSU, USC, and the future AAC and SBC

Week 2: OSU and Iowa State *didn't* have the worst losses

Week 2 is so good we talked realignment (and UConn)

Is it too early to revisit 2020? Ah, what the hell

Office Hours: Stanford, Big 12 expansion, USF, and CFB patriotism

Week 1: Georgia’s beef, Richard eats crow, and the Big Sky reigns

The big 2021 preseason coach gossip show

Welcome back to (almost) normal college football

The whole-hog Week 1 preview, from Charlotte to Berkeley

Let's talk lots of CFB business with Matt Brown

How BYU's walk-on employee system can hack NCAA enforcement

Fine, let's talk about this absurd "alliance"

Are we living through an era of coach stability? (Q&A episode)

25 questions about 25 QBs, with Seth Galina

ESPN has lived on a Playoff diet. Plate-cleaning time?

The 2021 indy preview and FCS Upset Draft show

Vaccines matter in CFB. Press conferences don't.

An Aggie explains Aggies

The 2021 ACC and AAC preview show

The cord-cutter’s effect on college football

Ask SZD: Realignment aftershocks, UGA,

The 2021 SEC, Big 12, and C-USA preview show

What we've really learned about NIL

Texas A&M isn't actually mad, but you might be one day

The SEC realignment and 2021 Sun Belt preview show

Godfrey on interviews, NIL, and who really gets to talk

EMERGENCY POD: Did Oklahoma and Texas just kick off a new wave of realignment?

The 2021 Pac 12 and MWC preview show

Ask SZD! NIL schemes, indy USC, and the plot against UT-Arlington

The 2021 Big Ten and MAC preview show

Ask SZD! Pac-12 UNLV and "hiding recruits"

What futures tell you about the CFB season

Ask SZD! Nebraska, Petrinos, and a new P5 problem?

Gameday homes, Dak, and Starkville real estate

Ask SZD: Texas cooks, Michigan ponders, Idaho falls

How the Supreme Court shut out the NCAA

Richard asks a DC to teach him how to defense

Michigan, and how we talk about football coaches

A Texas College Football Special

The longest dead period is over. Now what?

Ask SZD! Big 12 expansion, AAC coach alums, & more

Dak Prescott, Starkville, and the 'gameday home'

All the hot Power 5 gossip fit to print

Ask SZD: Realignment! Budgets! Saban's "culture"!

The incredible demise of South Carolina’s president

Counter programming, but literally

What happens in CFB while nothing is happening

Ask SZD: Coaches, legislators, and the triple option

The Grapes of CFB's Wrath

An NFL Draft preview for the college football fan

The college football Super League

The many faces of Notre Dame

It’s April. Let’s talk Week 1 and THE NOLES

The 2021 SZD QB draft tiers

Barry Alvarez and the end of the AD-coach

Ask SZD (updated!): Realignment, reporting, recruiting, more

The state of the HBCUs, with Steven Gaither

TEXAS TRIVIA with SZD, Fullcast, and Bomani Jones

The anonymous faces behind CFB media

Vanderbilt: the Fresno of the South?

How the American explains America

The mess at LSU and Kansas

The ides of Texas

Gus to Disney + the big FCS spring preview

How players get paid

It’s in the game

Tennessee settles on the Heupe train, and 5 more conference REviews

Tennessee and 5 FBS conferences, reviewed

Contextualizing Saban’s Alabama

Championship preview! Coach carousel reboot!

Texas's Tom Herman-Steve Sarkisian swap