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​​Split Zone Duo is a whole-hog college football podcast. That means we’re dedicated to the entire sport — lots of different teams, on and off the field. We’ll celebrate CFB, be cynical about it when we have to be, and obsess over all the nuts and bolts that make it what it is. 

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Fom left to right: Richard Johnson, Alex Kirshner, and Steven Godfrey

About Split Zone Duo

We’re a podcast (est. 2020) dedicated to caring about all of college football. That doesn’t just mean paying attention to teams that aren’t in the Playoff race, but covering the ins and outs of the sport and its many interconnected subcultures. Godfrey, Richard, and Alex used to work together on the national college football desk for SB Nation, and now they write about the sport in a bunch of places, including Sports Illustrated, the Washington Post, Slate, and GQ. Every week, they come together here to talk with our audience about the stories worth talking about, wherever they might be. Free episodes drop each week on Wednesday-ish, with an additional episode, the Sunday Morning Hurry-Up, after game days in the fall. Bonus episodes and newsletters (some of them free!) are available here on Substack.

About the Hosts

Steven Godfrey is a Nashville-based journalist specializing in investigative reporting throughout the college football industry. You can find his work online at Vox Media where he contributes to the Secret Base video team. His additional reporting appears in The Washington Post and in Athlon magazine. Twitter.

Richard Johnson is known for his college sports expertise and has appeared as an analyst on the SEC Network show “Thinking Out Loud.” Along with Alex and three others, he co-authored The Sinful Seven: Sci-fi Western Legends of the NCAA. He was the 2022 winner of the Edward Aschoff Rising Star Award. He worked for ESPN and SB Nation before joining Sports Illustrated in 2021. He lives in Brooklyn. Twitter.

Alex Kirshner is a Los Angeles-based writer whose portfolio includes work in Slate, The Atlantic, GQ, FiveThirtyEight, The Guardian, Men’s Journal, The Ringer, VICE, Baseball Prospectus, and more. His work covers the sprawling landscape of college football, business, and much more. Twitter.

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