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Week 1 of 2024 is ... surprisingly bare. Why?

The upcoming season has a dearth of quality matchups in the first week of the season. It's not always like that. Is something afoot?

Week 1 has always had tons of warmup games, but the schedule usually has a handful of bangers. In 2024, that’s not the case. There are barely any games pitting Power 4 teams against each other and as a trickle-down, not many all-Group of 5 matchups of note either. Yes, there are a few blockbusters (LSU-USC, Georgia-Clemson), but look beyond that, and you’ll notice you have to strain.

Is this just a scheduling coincidence, or are recent changes in the college football ecosystem taking a toll on Labor Day Weekend over multiple years? Godfrey leads an investigation and discussion about what’s up with Week 1.

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One of the few coaches who has a buzzy Week 1 game this year. (USA TODAY Sports)

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