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The 2024 ACC preview show

It's that time of year. Let's get started.

It’s the 2024 ACC season preview from Richard Johnson, Alex Kirshner, and Steven Godfrey. Following a discussion of the start of TALKIN’ SEASON (0:43), the group starts the ACC rundown with FSU and Clemson (20:06) and then goes through the entire Atlantic (and now, uh, Pacific) Coast Conference. How big a step back is reasonable at FSU? Does Dabo Swinney have a revival in him? Who from the Miami/Virginia Tech/NC State/Louisville has the best chance of a surprise? Could someone show proper respect to the nice little rebuild being carried out at Georgia Tech? Will Pitt, Wake Forest, or UNC start moving in a positive direction again? What do we make of new coaches at Boston College, Syracuse, and Duke? And how about new entrants SMU, Cal, and Stanford? Is there a path forward for Tony Elliott’s UVA? Production: Anthony Vito. 

Split Zone Duo
Split Zone Duo: College Football Podcast
An independent college football podcast that eats the whole hog. Plus a newsletter. All with Steven Godfrey, Richard Johnson, and Alex Kirshner.