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The Washington Huskies' wild few years

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The Washington Huskies' wild few years

An interview with Christian Caple about Washington's circuitous path from the 2016 Playoff to 4-8 and back to the Playoff again.
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Washington plays for a national championship on Monday. If someone had told you that five years ago, nobody would’ve been surprised. But if someone had told you two years ago, you might have been badly confused.

Alex interviews Christian Caple about the Huskies’ winding path to Houston. Christian is the founder of On Montlake, an independent Washington Huskies publication, and co-host of UW football podcast Say Who, Say Pod.

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What was the Huskies’ plan when they replaced Chris Petersen with Jimmy Lake? Once they did, how did things get so bad, so fast? And what did Kalen DeBoer do to lift the program from four wins to 11 in his first year, then to a national championship shot in his second? What does this year’s breakthrough mean for the future? How is Washington doing in the NIL world? And what is the deal with this offense? We talk about it all.

It’s been a wild ride, but the Huskies, as Christian explains, had a plan.

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