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UGA people explain the UGA football moment

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UGA people explain the UGA football moment

Alex hosted a discussion with some Georgia football writers and former players, in partnership with our friends at Homefield. Here's that discussion.
Nazir Stackhouse of UGA rumbles with an interception return.
The return didn’t count, but the picture does. © Joshua L. Jones / USA TODAY NETWORK

I was in Athens this weekend with Homefield Apparel, our sponsors (and really, truly friends) who need no new introduction. As part of Homefield’s big event on campus, I hosted a panel discussion about this current golden era that we’re all living through (whether we want to or not) of Georgia Bulldog football. I thought it was a good discussion, because some people who know the ins and outs of the program helped answer a few questions for me:

  • Athens as a college town: What is the deal?

  • What happens to a fanbase’s psyche when you go three years without losing practically any games? Do you feel invulnerable or the most vulnerable

  • What actually makes Kirby Smart good at this, in a way that takes us beyond “he can recruit and he knows ball”?

  • What is different about 2023 from 2022 and 2021?

  • What will be Georgia’s challenge in avoiding the stagnancy that has plagued so many programs that have built dynasties and mini-dynasties?

  • How good is Brock Bowers’ insurance policy if he’s going to play again this year?

  • There’s also a section at the end where I ask them about Saturday’s game against Mizzou. This was recorded on Friday, but we’re all about accountability here, so nobody’s pregame thoughts got scrubbed.

  • SEC homecomings: Do they matter?

If you’re a Georgia fan, this is an easy sell, and if you’re not, I think you’ll enjoy it anyway and find these folks informative. They all live and breathe UGA football, and I liked the chance to pick their brains about a team that continues to command lots of attention. Thanks to Homefield and Dawgs Central for having me, and thanks to these panelists for being so informative:

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What it looked like: Me moderating with (from left) Jim, George, Graham, and Jon. Thanks to Homefield and Graduate Hotels for having us.

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