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The politics behind Ohio State's ridiculous commencement speech

The speech was bizarre. How did it happen? It's a long story.

Ohio State played host to one of the most bizarre commencement speeches of all time this month, when alumnus Chris Pan pitched graduates on Bitcoin and attempted to lead the Buckeye crowd in multiple singalongs. D.J. Byrnes writes The Rooster, a newsetter covering Ohio and its politics. Last week, Byrnes’ publication broke the news that Ohio State’s president, Ted “Slapshot” Carter, broke with recommendations from an advisory committee to select Pan. What was happening there, and what does it reveal about the leadership structure bewteen one of the most powerful institutions not just in higher education, but college sports and the entire Midwest? D.J. joins Alex to talk about it. This episode is for paying subscribers, but everyone can hear a free preview.

The Rooster
Ohio State's drug-fueled Bitcoin shame starts at the top
Chris Pan, a self-described “social entrepreneur,” recently gave what The Rooster described as the worst Ohio State commencement speech of all time. You can read the special report from the industrious Max Littman over here; it’s already one of the most popular articles in the site’s history…
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Production: Anthony Vito.

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