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The Eyes List: The state of the coach carousel in early November

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The Eyes List: The state of the coach carousel in early November

Welcome to the new platform. We're glad you're here. Let's start with a big list of notes on the coaching situations at about ... 40 programs.

The coach carousel is poised to spin in November, and it might be a more dramatic ride than most people expected earlier this year. Godfrey, Richard, and Alex share notes and ask questions about the coaching situations at more than three dozen FBS programs. Production is by Anthony Vito.

One timing note as you listen: Since we recorded this episode, Kirk Ferentz has offered some additional, more optimistic remarks on his future at Iowa. We’ll see where that story goes. 

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And to answer a few FAQs that we’ve been getting!

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Yes. This takes just a few seconds. Here’s an instructional video, in case anyone is having trouble with it it:

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