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The SZD Super Bowl 58 preview show

The SZD Super Bowl 58 preview show

What is the Shanahan offense? What is the whole deal about Brock Purdy? Do receiver drops no longer matter? And is a podcast finally willing to cover Taylor Swift's appearances on NFL telecasts?
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Sometimes, the haters call Split Zone Duo “an NFL podcast.”

Today we prove them right by previewing the Super Bowl in our own way. Joining Alex and Richard is special guest Arif Hasan, publisher of Wide Left, a great newsletter that covers three of the biggest beats shaping our society: the NFL, current affairs, and the Minnesota Vikings. See Arif’s publication below, and follow him @ArifHasanNFL.

Wide Left

Our conversation is wide-ranging and covers the following topics:

  • The state of the Vikings (Richard could not resist)

  • Whether wide receiver drops are now cool, as evidenced by the Chiefs having a good offense with Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and a bunch of receivers who have cinderblocks attached to their hands

  • “The Shanahan offense.” At this point, what is it?

  • The nation’s Brock Purdy affair: Is he good? And why has he become the touchstone of an American culture war over whether he’s good or not?

  • Taylor Swift should be the end of “distraction” discourse in football. But.

  • Game picks

One publication note: Alex mentioned in the recording that Swift is suing a college student over a plane tracker. To clarify and be more accurate, as of press time, her lawyers hadn’t filed suit but were threatening that they would.

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