FSU should refuse to play against Georgia. Either way, I won’t be watching the playoff and I suspect many of my fellow ACC fans will be similar.

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Presuming this causes Florida State to ramp up their exit strategy from the ACC, could one option be to explore joining the “PAC2” entity with Washington State and Oregon State?

- Get the league to 8 teams and you can win it every year and guarantee yourself a playoff spot

- Biggest brand in the league = control all of the rule making and politics behind the scenes of league administration

- 8 teams = 5 non-conference games for them to load up on P2 games to “prove their worth” re-seeding for the CFP

- No long term commitment to staying while you fight for a SEC/B1G invite

- P2 doesn’t have to join the MWC- they can grab Boise and Fresno for a 4 team West Coast Pod or something similar

- Based on the fact that UConn has a linear TV deal as an independent, I have to presume any league with FSU in it can absolutely get a linear TV deal to ensure all of their games are on a channel as well (CBSSN or maybe something with Turner Sports?)

- Only way FSU is leaving to begin with without a B1G or SEC invite is if they sell off part of the AD to PE for $ so I’m not even sure how much the “loss” of TV revenue from the ACC would matter. They’ll also sue for their TV rights regardless presuming they try to leave and “buy back” their rights

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