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The FCS lessons for the 12-team Playoff

A new, old way of looking at Playoff expansion.

A college football playoff with more than four teams? What will they think of next? Alex, Richard, and Steven talk through what we can learn about the upcoming Playoff expansion by looking back at decades of the FCS (and Division II and III) postseason. What really drives expansion? Will the selection committee draw even more ire with a bigger field, or less? How much of a holy grail will first-round home games be? And what about finally getting a chance to see strange bedfellows in frigid weather in December? Production: Anthony Vito.

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This is a subscriber episode of Split Zone Duo, but everyone can hear a chunk of the show as a free preview. Paying subscribers get extra episodes, including one coming this week on the lessons that the new 12-team College Football Playoff can take from decades of the even larger FCS playoffs. Subscribing doesn’t just get you frequent bonus episodes, but also the chance to ask questions and help inform what we talk about on the podcast. Paying subscribers make SZD possible as an independent outlet covering national college football.

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  • The Single Wing, Godfrey’s frequent solo Q&A series in which he takes questions on everything ranging from the Playoff to the Sun Belt to fatherhood to mental health. Here’s the latest.

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