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Summer Grab Bag: The toughest stadium is *what*?

Richard and Alex react to some video game news and take your questions.

Alex and Richard take subscriber questions heading into a holiday week. Which Florida school does Billy Napier least want to let beat him? Did UCLA set up DeShaun Foster to fail? Who can be 2024’s quiet “hang in the Playoff race right to the end” decent team? Is the Big 12 really due for an era of parity, or are media making that up? Who will suffer most in the Big Ten and SEC from the current realignment wave? What do we make of Curt Cignetti and Indiana? Who drives CFB TV ratings? And let’s compare and contrast Nick Saban and his most obvious current contemporary in the other football. Production: Anthony Vito.

Split Zone Duo
Split Zone Duo: College Football Podcast
An independent college football podcast that eats the whole hog. Plus a newsletter. All with Steven Godfrey, Richard Johnson, and Alex Kirshner.